Rubella Virus–Like Particles

The Native Antigen Company


The Rubella virus–like particles (VLPs) are a unique product in the company’s new range of Rubella virus reagents, adding to its extensive selection of recombinant VLPs that offer researchers a reliable source of high-quality reagents for immunoassay development and manufacturing. These Rubella VLPs are expressed as recombinant proteins in a proprietary mammalian cell expression system. Recombinant expression of the Rubella structural polyprotein in HEK293 cells enables reliable and cost-effective production of high-quality VLPs, helping to ensure researchers achieve consistent and accurate results throughout immunoassay development and scale-up manufacturing. In addition to Rubella VLPs, there are also Rubella antigens, monoclonal antibodies, and ELISAs available for use in a wide range of research applications.

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