April 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 8)

The Binding Site

Three new recombinant Treponema pallidum antigens are now available for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturing and research applications. Treponema pallidum is a spirochete bacterium, with four known subspecies, responsible for treponemal diseases in humans, with syphilis being the most notable. The recombinant T. pallidum TpN-15, TpN-17, and TpN-47 antigens have all been expressly designed for use as an integral component within solid-phase enzyme immunoassay test procedures, especially ELISAs. The antigens are derived and sourced from Escherichia coli, via culture, which is then purified to a level of >95% and confirmed via SDS PAGE. These recombinant T. pallidum antigens are supplied preservative-free, demonstrate exceptional lot-to-lot consistencies, and feature an outstanding shelf life stability claim of four years from the date of manufacture. The antigens are available in a standard 0.2-mg fill-sized vial, with larger, bulk configurations also being available.

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