A comprehensive range of Wnt human and mouse recombinant proteins in high (85–90%) and low (75%) purity are now available. These human recombinant proteins are purified from HEK293 cells, while the mouse proteins are expressed in CHO cells. Both are highly suitable for various cell-based assays and treatments. Recombinant Wnt proteins are now also available with a new Wnt stabilizer that can significantly extend the activity of this protein, extending the half-life of Wnt3a in serum-free medium to about 24–30 hours (in contrast to a half-life of around 2 hours without stabilizer). High purity HEK293, HCT-116, or SW480 Wnt reporter cell lines are available, all of which have matching controls and can also be ordered as a package in pairs. These stable cell lines have shown particular utility in applications, including evaluation of Wnt protein bioactivity or stability and screening of anti-Wnt compounds, antibodies, or signal enhancers, and to monitor the activity of ß-catenin-based Wnt signal transduction pathway.

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