Hristo Svilenov
Hristo Svilenov, PhD
Professor, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology and Formulation
Ghent University
Katherine Bowers
Katherine Bowers, PhD
Senior Principal Scientist
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Merry Christie
Merry Christie, PhD
Associate Director, CMC
Voisin Consulting Life Sciences
Steven LaBrenz
Steven LaBrenz, PhD
Senior Consultant
LaBrenz Consulting
David Sloan
David Sloan, PhD (Moderator)
VP, Product Management and Applications

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Protein Therapeutics: Understanding the Biophysical Characterization Toolbox

There is no one biophysical tool that answers all the essential research questions about a biologic drug candidate or biomolecule. Many techniques, such as DSF, DSC, DLS, and CD, analyze thermal stability. In addition, there are tools focused on measuring the size and aggregation state of a protein/biomolecule, such as SEC, DLS, AUC, MFI, BMI, and mass photometry. The four protein structure levels can be assessed via mass spectrometry, CD, FTIR, MMS, HRPF, NMR, CryoEM, and X-ray crystallography. Which tools are orthogonal, are any measurements more essential than others, and is there one technique to rule them all?

During this GEN webinar, we will hear from four scientists discussing the interplay of the techniques from the biophysical toolbox, how those tools are implemented in their research, and how they decide which technologies to utilize under what conditions. Additionally, we will gain perspectives and insights from large biopharma, CDMO, academia, and regulatory for more informed decision-making.

A live Q&A session followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.

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