Protein Characterization

Microsaic Systems


The MiD® ProteinID system allows users to verify target proteins, metabolites, by-products, and feed-stocks throughout the whole bioprocessing value chain. By providing deterministic characterization for proteins and small molecules at the point-of-need, MiD ProteinID helps to ensure that critical process parameters and critical quality attributes are attained in a timely manner, and simultaneously, which is vital for biologics compliance. MiD ProteinID offers laboratory-level performance on an industrial scale, due to its impressive performance on a robust and small scale. Bioprocessing operators can now monitor feedstocks, metabolites, and target proteins in just one measurement, accelerating time-to-market for new biologics, and assisting in process and product compliance. Mass spectrometry can now offer superlative performance to high-value manufacturing industries at the point-of-need, providing much greater insights over ubiquitous optical sensors, such as UV, Raman, and NIR.

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