The 37ExpressVue® Rapid Tests are lateral flow immunochromatographic membrane assays for specific detection of recombinant proteins using epitope-tag specific antibodies. These tests enable you to visualize your protein of interest with one step and in just a few minutes, without any special equipment. They are used in monitoring recombinant protein expression in a variety of applications, such as optimization of protein expression conditions, real-time monitoring of protein expression, determining dose response of inducer in protein expression, monitoring change of protein expression levels in response to the environment, such as temperature, nutrient, or oxygen level. They may also be used in high yield clone selection and quality control for protein purification steps. The 37ExpressVue Rapid Tests are available for many commonly used protein tags, including Fc, GST, poly-His, FLAG, HA, myc, strep-II, and avi.

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