Collaboration Helps Secure Public Health in the Arabian Gulf Region


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many issues to light, but one of the biggest, undoubtedly, has been the considerable deficiencies in public health response by many of the world’s governments. As a result, many organizations are looking to bolster vaccine and biopharmaceutical productions to better meet the next and current public health threats. Companies like SaudiVax have recognized the reduced capacity within the Gulf Region for local discovery, development, and manufacturing of vaccines and therapeutics, resulting in frequent vaccine shortfalls and the absence of Halal compliant products. To better serve the citizens within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many neighboring countries, SaudiVax looked to the expertise at MilliporeSigma to assist them with their biomanufacturing endeavors.

In this GENcast, we sit down with SaudiVax’s managing director Mazen Hassanain, MD, PhD, and Nargisse El Hajjami, PhD from MilliporeSigma to discuss the goals, progress, and future of this essential collaboration. Take a listen!



Mazen Hassanain MD, PhD
Managing Director

Nargisse El Hajjami, PhD
Associate Director and Senior Consultant for Novel Modalities



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