Personal Ozone and UV Sterilization System


The CoolCLAVE™ Plus is a laboratory benchtop sterilizer that is effective in keeping sterile or sterilizing contaminated pipettes, pipette tips, gloves, plates, small instruments, and even personal items such as keys, glasses, wallets, small purses, etc. The antimicrobial properties of simultaneous ozone gas and UV light provide a dual and powerful sanitizing effect capable of eliminating more than 98% of common pathogenic organisms (bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.) in 30 minutes. The antimicrobial properties of ozone also eliminate the odors produced by various organisms providing a deodorizing effect as well. The CoolCLAVE Plus sterilizer does not use any liquids, harsh chemicals, or heat, and does not damage any surfaces or leaves any chemical residues behind.

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