September 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 16)

Halo Labs

The Horizon™ is a high-throughput, low-volume particle-analysis instrument designed for rapid screening of 2-µm to millimeter-size particles in biopharmaceuticals. Requiring as little as 5µL of sample volume, the Horizon can screen 96 samples in under 2 hours with walkaway automation. The instrument reports standard particle information including histograms and images but also enables key differentiation capabilities between proteinaceous and non-proteinaceous particulates. The system is as easy to operate as a smartphone and uses consumables that require no washing and have zero particle carry-over.  Results are aggregated and labeled for large datasets, and grouped plots with error bars are provided automatically. The Horizon helps researchers in late-stage candidate selection, formulation development, and manufacturing.

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