Moran Jerabek-Willemsen
Moran Jerabek-Willemsen, PhD
Head of Biophysics & Screening
WuXi AppTec
Annika Niedner-Boblenz
Annika Niedner-Boblenz, PhD
Scientific Lead of Biophysics & Screening
WuXi AppTec
Lingbing Sun
Lingbing Sun, PhD
Director, Biophysics
WuXi AppTec

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Over the last few years, biophysical methods have become essential for modern drug discovery programs. Technologies as surface plasmon resonance (SPR), NMR, microscale thermophoresis (MST), isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), and dynamic light scattering (DLS) play an essential role in studying binding affinities, kinetics, and thermodynamics on a lead molecule—target interaction. In addition, the improved speed, sensitivity, and throughput allow biophysical screenings of thousands of small molecules in a short time.

In this GEN webinar, our panel of experts will discuss a range of biophysical technologies, as MST/TRIC (temperature-related intensity change), SPR, and nano-differential scanning fluorimetry to support drug discovery programs. In addition, challenges for current technologies and new opportunities to use biophysical methods to characterize challenging drug targets will be presented.

A live Q&A session followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.

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