On-Line Autosmapler

Nova Biomedical 

The BioProfile® FLEX2 On-Line Autosampler (OLS) is a modular system that connects up to 10 bioreactors to one FLEX2 analyzer for up to three weeks of walkaway, automated sampling, analysis, and feedback control of key cell culture analytes. The FLEX2 measures up to 16 tests, including pH, gases, metabolites, osmolality, cell density, and cell viability. With the OLS, FLEX2 uses a small sample volume of 5.6 mL for the 16-test assay to allow frequent sampling for a detailed look at culture performance. Up to 24 samples per day for each of 10 bioreactors can be analyzed in just six minutes. The OLS provides automated sampling, analysis, and feedback control of 10 bioreactors in one hour with just 20 minutes needed for setup.

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