October 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 17)

New England BioLabs

Due to the wide variety of genes that are interrogated in any given study, de novo targeted NGS has been hindered by the relative difficulty and high cost of custom panel design. To combat this, NEBNext Direct® Custom Ready Panels™ utilize a hybridization-based enrichment technology which allows users to quickly mix and match any combination of ~850 pre-synthesized gene “baits” associated with diseases such as cancer, autism, and cystic fibrosis. Unlike alternative hybridization methods, NEBNext Direct panels do not require upfront library preparation. The applications of the rapid, single-day protocol include rapid hybridization of both DNA strands with biotinylated probes, enzymatic removal of off-target sequences, identification of PCR duplicates with unique molecular tags, and high-throughput library pooling with barcodes.

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