TSKgel® UP-SW Aggregate UHPLC/HPLC Columns

Tosoh Bioscience

Protein aggregation is an issue in therapeutic protein development, since the presence of these impurities reduces the potency of the drug formulation, even if nontoxic. The TSKgel® UP-SW Aggregate UHPLC/ HPLC Columns have been designed to help free monoclonal antibodies from these aggregate impurities. The columns are 3 μm, 30 nm pore-size analytical columns for the separation of these higher molecular weight antibodies and monoclonal antibody aggregates. Available in 4.6 mm ID × 15 and 30 cm lengths, the columns feature high pore volume per unit column volume, low sample adsorption (due to the derivatization of the particle surface with ligands containing diol functional groups), and column efficiency.

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