November 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 19)

Fluid Imaging Technologies

New instrumentation featuring Nano-Flow™ particle imaging provides digital images of particles ranging in size from 300 nm to 30  µm. The FlowCam® models automatically measure more than 40 different parameters in real-time from size, count and concentration to color, grayscale and morphological characteristics such as circularity, elongation and fiber curl. Using oil-immersion technology for enhanced optical resolution, the new FlowCam Nanoä automatically reveals protein agglomerates, silicon oil droplets, glass shards, and other opaque, transparent, and translucent sub-visible particles with the high-resolution imagery needed for identification. In addition, the FlowCam Nano may serve as an invaluable companion to USP<788> compliance-testing methods for particulate matter by documenting the presence and type of nanoscale particles, which may cause failed test results.