Multi-Level Test Kits

VERICHEM LABORATORIES now offers two multi-level test kits of clinical reference materials for the calibration verification of Lithium assays. The kits, the Electrolyte Standard Kit (List No. 9200) and the Serum ISE Standard Kit (List No.9240) contain NIST verified, gravimetric concentrations of Lithium. The Electrolyte Standard Kit features a Lithium concentration range of 0.50 mmol/L to 5.5 mmol/L with 21-month stability claim, while the Serum ISE Standard Kit offers a concentration range of 0.20 mmol/L to 4.60 mmol/L with 18-month stability. In addition to calibration verification testing applications, they can also be used for quality control monitoring, method evaluations, post maintenance testing, and routine troubleshooting.


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