February 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 4)

Bio-Rad Laboratories

The NGC™ Fraction Collector system can be triggered to collect based on slope, percent of buffer from pump B, pH, and detector signals. Front-to-back dispensing provides easy access to fractions before method completion for faster downstream analysis. Researchers can also choose the type of collection vessel they prefer for each phase in a method, including deep-well plates, tubes, bottles, and carboys (with prep-rack adaptors for large-scale purification). An efficient benchtop Peltier cooling module saves lab space and preserves the integrity of temperature-sensitive biomolecules. Adding two new fraction collectors to each NGC system can further expand capacity. And an optional enclosure protects samples from environmental conditions, which allows full access during a run and means the collector can also be used for reverse-phase chromatography applications. The NGC Fraction Collector runs on ChromLab 5.0 software, to which users can upgrade for free, no matter what edition they currently use.