Fluid Path Single-Use Equipment

Trelleborg Healthcare and Medical launched the BioPharmaPro™ family of innovative products, materials, and services for fluid path single-use equipment to accelerate the advancement of life-changing therapies. The wide BioPharmaPro™ range includes platinum-cured silicone tubing, braided hoses which are reinforced for higher pressure applications, fittings for tubing and connectors, and vulcanized and non-vulcanized sheeting. It also features liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts available in complex geometries, multi-component parts in one bonded solution, advanced composite materials, and engineered grade molded thermoplastic parts. Further services for all components ensure appropriate cleanliness, fully traceable marking and labeling, and—with final assembly—full solutions for biopharmaceutical system suppliers.

Trelleborg Healthcare and Medical

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