Bioprocessing Software

GE Healthcare


The Chronicle web application is the next-generation development of my.Cryochain™ software now supporting a complete cell-therapy workflow. Chronicle automation software is a GMP-compliant, fit-for-purpose, digital solution designed to optimize complex cell-therapy process development and manufacturing. With real-time supply chain tracking, hardware performance monitoring, SMS or email alarms, and comprehensive electronic batch records, Chronicle automation increases efficiency while meeting regulatory compliance. Its software capabilities include a unified digital space that monitors all facility manufacturing operations and supply chain logistics with real-time data acquisition and notifications; electronic batch records; and eSOPs designed for specific processes to manage deviations, promote adherence to protocol, and provide guidance to ensure sensitive patient cells are handled appropriately. Built by cell-therapy platform solution engineers, Chronicle software integrates with the full range of GE instruments as well as many third-party devices. It has been independently audited against GAMP5, 21 CFR Part 11, and EU Annex 11 and is available immediately.

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