June 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 12)

Applied Scientific Instrumentation

The IPZ-3000 series adds a Z-axis positioner to an existing XY stage when needed. The piezo will fit inside any microscope stage with a standard 160 mm x 110 mm (K-size) insert opening. It accepts a variety of inserts for sample holder including slides, small dishes, and chambers. The IPZ-3000 is available with maximum travel distances of 150 µm, 300 µm, and 500 µm and provides resolutions as small as 2.2 nm, 4.5 nm, and 7.6 nm. It can be manipulated with either ASI’s MS-2000 or TG-1000 controller, providing both USB and RS-232 communication to a host computer, a 0–10V analog voltage, or a manual input device. This hardware can be operated with several different microscopy software packages including Micro-Manager. Pair with ASI’s Continuous Reflective Interface Sample Placement (CRISP) for a retrofit autofocus system that is compatible with many microscopes systems in the market.

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