Microplate for Preparing Cannabis Samples


Accurate determination of the THC/CBD ratio is critically determined by effective sample preparation of the samples of cannabis leaf, bud, and flower. Traditional sample preparation methods have used bead-beating or grinding mills to homogenize these materials. When conducted in polypropylene microplates, the extreme forces applied by these machines often cause damage to the plates, leading to cracking, leaking, and ultimately, cross-contamination. Using advanced manufacturing techniques, Porvair has developed a solid, stable, and strong microplate that can withstand the applied forces in bead-beaters while maintaining a standard ANSI/SLAS footprint and key dimensions. The Plant Genomics plate contains a 2-mL-square well block that can be used for cannabis plant extraction, and it has a generous working volume of 1.90 mL per well in a 45-mm-high plate. The polypropylene used to mold the plate is pure, extractable free polymer, rigorously tested for leachates. It is designed to ensure that no contamination from the plate will affect the THC/CBD analyses.

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