Microflow LC-MS System

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Shimadzu Microflow LCMSThe Nexera Mikros Microflow liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry system covers the complete range from microflow to semi-microflow, allowing operators to realize high sensitivity, yet with the reliability and ruggedness of HPLC. System configuration options include a direct injection system for sample volume–limited analyses for rapid and highly sensitive micro-LC-MS analysis without sample loss. A trap-and-elute system is available for analyses with larger injection volumes or when some degree of sample cleanup is desirable. A makeup flow system includes the addition of a post-column makeup flow pump, allowing mobile-phase modifiers to be added to ensure the highest ionization efficiency in the MS source. The system’s UF-Link allows operators to correctly and easily connect any microflow column. The UF-Link ensures a zero-dead-volume connection every time. The innovative LC-Mikros pump provides a wide range of flows from micro (0.1 μL/min) to semi-micro (500 μL/min) in both isocratic and gradient elution modes.