Metals Analyzer



The new Spectrocube ED-XRF analyzer for precious metals testing delivers easy, reliable, accurate, high-throughput analysis for testing centers, hallmarking and assay offices, and jewelry makers at twice the speed of other analyzers in its class. It incorporates state-of-the-art nondestructive ED-XRF detector technology, including high-resolution and high-count rate, to deliver short measurement intervals, effortless workflow via intuitive software, and low downtime. It also enables a fast, smooth workflow, even for minimally trained users, for unparalleled ease of use. Sample analysis is performed in three quick and easy steps, with the intuitive software presenting the relevant information on a single screen. The analyzer’s compact footprint fits tight benchtop spaces yet accommodates a wide range of tiny to large sample sizes. For most analyses, Spectrocube delivers the required accuracy with only one general-purpose calibration. Featuring exceptional speed and performance, Spectrocube ED-XRF provides high precision for a wide range of concentration levels, plus testing times as low as 15 seconds that enable a throughput of hundreds of samples per day.

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