April 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 8)

TTP LabTech

The Dragonfly® Discovery liquid handling platform enables rapid and reliable low-volume (200 nL upwards) dispensing from a positive displacement disposable pipette (with 4-mL capacity) and 96,384- and 1,536-well compatibility. Dragonfly Discovery allows assays to be developed directly in high-density plate format using a common liquid handling platform. Dragonfly Discovery not only significantly reduces assay development time, it also enables a more seamless transition from assay development into the screening phase. Additionally, it permits users to routinely deploy design of experiment (DoE) as part of assay development, particularly beneficial for complex cellular assays. The novel liquid handling technology has been developed to provide researchers with a standard platform whereby they can easily develop complex assays and screen them in a robust and cost-efficient manner.

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