June 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 11)


The bioZen line is a new series of liquid chromatography (LC) solutions for bioseparations in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and academic research. The initial bioZen product line features seven chemistries for the UHPLC and HPLC characterization of biotherapeutics such as mAbs, ADCs, and biosimilars. The offering includes specific LC chemistries for the analysis of aggregates and total mAb, intact mass and fragments, peptide mapping and quantitation, and glycan mapping. As an added benefit, all bioZen media, particle sizes, and phases are available in new biocompatible, titanium hardware, which minimizes secondary reactions, carryover, and other recovery issues to provide better overall reproducibility than stainless-steel hardware. It also minimizes the amount of time typically spent on column priming and does not interfere with protein or peptide integrity.

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