Laser-Etched Bottom Rack ID

Micronic has created an additional 2D Data-Matrix code on the bottom of the 96-1, 96-Q1, 96-2, 96-3, and 96-4 Micronic ULT Racks. With this additional 2D code, the Micronic ULT Racks are now provided with five different codings. The rack features a cover print indicating the rack and tube type, a laser-etched alphanumeric coding on top of the rack, a 1D barcode and human readable code on the side of the rack, and a 2D Data-Matrix code on the bottom of the rack. The laser-etched bottom rack was designed to prevent codes from falling off or losing their quality to ensure traceability. Additionally, the bottom rack ID is compatible with the Micronic Code Reader Software, allowing the 2D code on the bottom of the rack can be scanned simultaneously with the 2D codes on the tubes.


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