Information Marking System for Labware


The Lambda8 is a unique laser-based system to mark labware with any shape, text or code. Because the system uses a laser to engrave high-resolution makings, there is no need to change labels or ink ribbons. The laser-engraved markings are resistant against chemicals, mechanical abrasion, and extreme temperatures. Consequently, the markings cannot be separated from labware and can never wear off. The laser can even be used to mark labware under extreme circumstances. For example, the Lambda8 can mark sample storage tubes directly out of a -80°C freezer without any difficulty. Overall, the system can ensure the absolute traceability of sample storage tubes for long term use. The markings can be engraved into various tube formats from 0.3 mL up to 15 mL by simply changing adapters. Because a variety of adapters are available at AFYS3G, the system can also mark ANSI/SLAS format racks, caps, and other labware.

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