There are several common challenges within the fields of infectious disease research, vaccine development, protective immune monitoring, and toxicity. These challenges involve developing vaccines to create protective T cell response, cellular immune monitoring for protective response early in patients, and cellular prediction and cytokine level monitoring for toxicities related to cytokine storms. The IsoLight system provides a solution for the single-cell and accelerated population level functional proteomics required to overcome these challenges.

The IsoLight is the only system that can enable researchers to obtain highly multiplexed cytokine data without advanced training or interaction with the samples. Furthermore, the IsoLight is also the only system to perform multiplexed proteomic detection of 30+ cytokine markers simultaneously to provide early predictive metrics of these functional and inflammatory cytokines in an automated, all-in-one system, for increased work-away time. This system can handle a small sample volume when large blood draws are not possible, enabling analysis of a wide range of clinical sample sizes.

By functionally defining each cell type involved in the immune response, researchers can better understand functional mechanisms for the development of vaccines and novel therapies for infectious disease.

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