November 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 19)

Gyros Protein Technologies

The Gyrolab® CHO-HCP E3G kit is designed for impurity analysis in the CMC (chemistry manufacturing and controls) bioprocess workflow of biotherapeutics. The kit, developed as part of a licensing and supply agreement with Cygnus Technologies, quantifies residual host cell proteins (HCP) from CHO cells used in bioprocessing, one of the critical analytical steps in ensuring the safety of therapeutics. The new kits have a broad dynamic range and show low intra- and inter-assay variation, increasing productivity in host cell protein analysis in bioprocess development. The new Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G kit provides consistent and sensitive assay performance without the need for extensive assay development. Gyrolab technology includes optimized, ready-to-use kits, which simplify assay workflows and shorten run times. Some users have reported a 40% reduction in project times versus alternative technologies.

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