Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Information comes in a variety of different formats, such as
handouts and videos, and is provided for a wide audience.

Weak Points: The enormous amount of links to resources
is a bit overwhelming at first.

Immunization Action Coalition 

COVID-19 quickly became central to daily life during 2020 as the spread of the virus precipitated shutdowns, lockdowns, and mask mandates. With vaccines for the virus on the horizon, there’s new hope for some return to normalcy, but lingering confusion and misinformation about vaccinations is already threatening to slow down the process. For those curious about vaccination practices or hoping to convince friends and family members that vaccines are safe and effective, the Immunization Action Coalition is for you. The website contains an enormous amount of information about immunizations, both for healthcare professionals and for the general public. Healthcare workers can browse through practical information, such as how to administer vaccines, get a refresher on what diseases the major vaccines protect against, and even get guidance on how to talk to their patients about vaccine safety. The website also includes a section specifically for the general public, with vaccination information specified by age group and even explanations about how vaccines work to prevent disease.

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