Hybrid Tubes



A new range of hybrid tubes has been introduced, incorporating a wider spectrum of sizes to accommodate all life science industries. The new range is available in several sizes: 0.75 mL and 1.40 mL (96-well format); 2.00 mL and 3.00 mL (48-well format); 1.50 mL, 3.00 mL, and 6.00 mL (24-well format) tubes. The transparent part of the tube walls enables easy visual checking of the sample, while the four coding concepts guarantee sample traceability. The blank white surface of the tubes allows researchers to write or laser print their specific identification codes on the side. The numeric human-readable code on the tube sidewall enables visual sample identification. Handheld scanners and automated systems can read the 1D barcode on the side of the tube. Finally, the 2D data-matrix on the bottom of the tube makes it possible to read a full rack of tubes at once. Tubes are manufactured and assembled in certified class 7 cleanrooms at facilities that are RNase/DNase and pyrogen-free.

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