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Subvisible particle analysis is a key predictor of protein drug stability and a key formulation, quality metric. However, current methods use large volumes of precious protein solutions and are labor- and time-intensive, making this data inaccessible during late-stage candidate screening or early in formulation. Moreover, regulatory agencies are tightly enforcing subvisible particle content in biopharma formulations at unprecedented levels, making early detection of subvisible particles, like protein aggregates, a key analytical priority.

Join us for this exciting GEN webinar where we will learn how a new particle analysis instrument called Horizon employs backgrounded membrane imaging (BMI) to measure subvisible particles accurately and rapidly at low volumes. Our presenters will provide a detailed discussion of BMI, provide a thorough comparison of this methodology at low volumes with respect to flow imaging, and present a real-time demonstration of the Horizon instrument.

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Bernardo Cordovez, Ph.D.
Halo Labs

Christopher Roberts, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Biomanufacturing Science & Technology,
University of Delaware