High Throughput Cell Density and Cell Viability Analysis

The BioProfile FAST CDV™ is a high-throughput, fully automated viable cell density and viability analyzer. The company claims the analyzer is capable of producing results in under 70 seconds with just 100uL of sample volume. In addition, it performs all sample dilutions internally, enabling cell culture samples up to 140e6 c/mL to be analyzed without any external sample dilution. Cell culture samples can be analyzed via the external 36-position load-and-go tray or via an innovative 96-well plate option. The software includes a built-in touchscreen display and intuitive icon-based navigation. All aspects of the software and networking capabilities are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and have also been designed to meet the FDA’s new cybersecurity guidelines. The analyzer has multiple networking options, including OPC and BioProfile Data Manager, as well as the ability to transmit images.

Nova Biomedical

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