Helping Biosimilars Emerge into Global Markets Takes a Practiced Hand

Currently, almost 60 percent of drugs in development are being created by emerging biotech companies focused on therapies for niche diseases with small patient populations. For emerging biotech and small companies in early-stage clinical development, accessing the market as quickly as possible is immensely important. In 2013, Turgut Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Istanbul, recognized the growing demand for patient access to more affordable biologics in Turkey as well as global markets, and initiated a plan become a major force in the development and manufacture of high quality biosimilars for regulated markets. Turgut possessed key knowledge in the burgeoning biosimilar space but sought a partner with strong scientific knowledge and expertise, capable of providing a full range of CDMO services from process and analytical development to pilot and commercial-scale manufacturing and regulatory support—an area of expertise for the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers.

In this GEN webinar, we will hear from key members of this successful collaboration that incorporated training on the single-use systems that would be used in Turgut’s new GMP facility. Take a listen!


Sébastien Ribault, PhD
Biotech Process Development and Manufacturing

Recep Serdar Alpan, MD, PhD
Biotechnology Group Leader
Turgut İlaçları A.Ş

Adam Sokolnicki
Biomanufacturing Engineer Manager, Single-use/Multi-use Team