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Heterologous protein production is an indispensable tool in biotechnology and biopharma for manufacturing enzymes, protein therapeutics, and more. Generating robust production strains involves strategies that target both the protein expression cassette and the host genome. However, despite advances in strain engineering, optimization of protein production is still constrained by low-throughput and laborious methods that limit the success of strain optimization efforts.

In this GEN webinar, our distinguished presenter, Dr. Eric Abbate, will demonstrate a novel multiplexed genome-wide editing approach to optimize the cellobiohydrolase I enzyme (CBH1) production in S. cerevisiae. Additionally, we will learn how multiplexed and trackable editing libraries enable the discovery of new targets. These libraries comprise a wide range of edit types and targets, including genome-wide and targeted knockouts, short deletions, alternate codon, transcription factor binding sites, and terminator libraries. Finally, Dr. Abbate will describe how to identify beneficial edits across targets involved in transcription, translation, glycosylation, secretion, protein degradation, and other cellular processes, as well as evaluate the success of using targeted vs. untargeted libraries for strain engineering.

A live Q&A session followED the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Eric Abbate, PhD
Director of Analytical Biochemistry