Digital solutions are often game-changing events enabling us to focus on the high-value tasks by efficiently supporting the day-to-day duties. Nowhere is this being realized more than in the modern laboratory space. The combination of the latest Internet-of-Things technology, data analytics methods and advanced manufacturing capabilities are coming together in ways the researchers couldn’t have imaged previously. Rather than spending time jumping from one machine to another, digitizing laboratory devices and methodologies allows equipment to communicate with each other and affords investigators more time to focus on the tough problems that could potentially bring about new therapies to treat disease.

In this GENcast, we get the perspective from both academia and industry and find out how researchers are instituting and utilizing digital solutions in their laboratory space.


Hans de Cock, PhD
Assistant Professor
Molecular Microbiology
Department of Biology
Utrecht University

Ralf Guenthner
Digital Strategy
Digital Transformation
IoT Evangelist
Team-Factory, GmbH

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