The COVID-19 pandemic has had such an impact on people’s lives that we will most assuredly be analyzing the effects for many years to come. In this advanced digital age, many, thankfully, can work remotely as efficiently as they did prior to the pandemic. Yet, in the life sciences, remote work is not always conducive for laboratory research or operations. However, with new procedures in place aimed at mitigating risk to viral exposure, life science personnel find themselves back in the workplace, pushing forward into uncharted territories.

In this GENcast, we’ll hear how the transition back into laboratory space has been for our two panelists, who have been kind enough to share their experiences with us about what it has been like living and working as a life sciences professional during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Celina Chang
Vice President
Business Operations and Technology

Ian Slaymaker, PhD
Senior Scientist
Head of Synthetic Biology
Beam Therapeutics

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