GEN Protocols Expert Exchanges: COVID-19 Immunodiagnostic Test Identifies Antibody Source

Need another COVID-19 booster?

A new immunodiagnostic test called PictArray helps you decide. The test tells you exactly where your antibodies to the virus are coming from – whether your antibodies are from vaccines or SARS-CoV-2 infections, or both. The test detects SARS-CoV-2 antigens–both spike proteins and nucleocapsid proteins–in a single small blood sample and provides an easy-to-read printout of the results within two minutes completing the test. 

In this GEN Protocols Expert Exchange, Tadd Lazarus, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Pictor, a biotechnology company that develops immunodiagnostic products based on a multiplexed and miniaturized technology platform, will discuss the application of the PictArray immunodiagnostic test and how it works. Lazarus is an experienced chief medical officer and senior vice president in biotechnology and in vitro diagnostics Industries. Before joining Pictor, he was CMO at Inivata and Clinical Genomics, and medical director of Roche diagnostics, North America. In addition to being a clinician, Lazarus is a molecular biologist and market researcher with competencies in companion diagnostics development and submission and reimbursement and regulatory affairs.