Lee Hood
Lee Hood, PhD
Institute Systems Biology
Rachel King
President and CEO
Sheila Mikhail, JD
Sheila Mikhail, JD
Gil Van Bokkelen, PhD
Gil Van Bokkelen, PhD
CEO and Chairman

GEN 40: Looking Back and Thinking Ahead

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As we begin a new year fueled with hope of an end to the pandemic, GEN Live will feature a wide-ranging discussion looking back and thinking ahead.

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) celebrates it’s 40th anniversary in 2021. The magazine has ridden the highs and lows of the biotech industry for the past four decades. With COVID-19 vaccines paving the way, CRISPR celebrating a Nobel Prize, and dramatic advances in gene therapy, genome analysis, neuroscience, regenerative medicine and more, the future of biotech is very bright.

In the first episode of GEN Live for 2021, we’ll survey the state of biotech in 2021, relive some key moments in GEN’s first 40 years, and anticipate where the industry is heading.

Special guests:
• Lee Hood, PhD (Founder, Institute Systems Biology)
• Rachel King (President/CEO, Glycomimetics)
• Sheila Mikhail, JD (CEO, AskBio)
• Gil Van Bokkelen, PhD (CEO/Chairman, Athersys)

Kevin Davies, PhD
Julianna LeMieux, PhD
Alex Philippidis
John Sterling