December 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 21)


2300 Series Containment Glove Boxes are configured as an open-loop airflow system safely and effectively control particulates in a laboratory. Particulate control requires a glove box with HEPA or ULPA filters that are used to capture particulates. This product protects operators via negative pressure, which contains particulates inside the chamber. Particulates such as fine pharmaceutical powders, aerosols, and microbial contaminants can be captured by filters. HEPA/ULPA filter remove contaminants from the exhaust gas and draws exhaust particles through a filter to make it safe for indoor release. Alternatively, 2300 Series open-loop glove boxes can be factory-configured to positive pressure to protect samples against airborne particles. As particulates can contaminate very clean or sterile samples, filtered glove boxes can be designed to isolate sterile objects or samples inside from outside particulates. This product is available with two ports or four ports, available in acrylic, static dissipative PVC, clear PVC, and polypropylene material.

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