April 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 7)


The UniFlow SE Dual Entry Hood features front and rear safety glass sashes that allow observers a clear view as well as easy access to procedures. A split transparent baffle system provides uniform airflow on both sides of the fume hood. The fume hood has a picture-frame opening that angles the air smoothly into the sash opening and is equipped with vertical sliding, tempered, clear safety glass panels on front and rear. Directly below the sash, a composite polyresin airfoil directs air across the work surface and maintains a uniform airflow. All electrical components and services are UL and CSA listed. Options include service fixtures, gooseneck plumbing fixtures, international electrical services, digital airflow monitor, one-piece epoxy work surface, and base cabinet. The fume hood measures 48” wide and 48” deep.

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