Integra Biosciences

The Clear Advantage™ product family includes a divided reservoir, offering 5 mL and 10 mL volumes side-by-side, while still nesting comfortably in a 25-mL reusable, sturdy base. A combination of design and inno­vation offers a pipetting expe­rience with less reagent and plastic waste, and the lowest dead volume on the market. Each reservoir uses the SureFlo™ anti-sealing array, which prevents tips from sealing off and liquid ‘popping’ into tips, filters, or pipettes. This feature is enhanced with a specially formulated inert, hydrophilic surface treatment that stops liquid from pooling. The reusable base has clearly visible volume graduations for accurate filling, and each reservoir has pour-back spouts molded into the corners to enable convenient, spill-free return of unused reagent to the source container, offering reagent and cost savings. The reservoirs can also act as lids, preventing evaporation and spillage, and their space-saving, stackable design significantly reduces storage requirements.

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