Digital Tools Push Single-Use Technology Challenges to the Side

In a previous podcast, we heard about the power of virtual collaborations during a pharmaceutical company’s push to meet their manufacturing goals during a global pandemic with much of the world on hold or scrambling to find solutions to fit their needs. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic still rages on, yet the team at the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers from MilliporeSigma remains undaunted and ready to assist biomanufacturing scientists with their most challenging projects.

In this GENcast, we will hear how Pfizer was evaluating single-use technologies for some of their capital projects and how the team at the M Lab Collaboration Center was able to help them navigate challenges using remote demos and digital tools. While single-use technologies for biomanufacturing has tremendous benefits, there are always questions about how many of the parameters work, as well as customer concerns on scalability. Our podcast panelists will address how digital tools brought these companies together to tackle these critical single-use questions despite their physical distance.


Kenny Miller
Sales Development Specialist
Single-Use Technologies

Amy Newell
MAP Customer Project Manager