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Every day, scientists are conducting groundbreaking research to gain insight into the world’s most complex and life-threatening diseases and bring effective treatments to patients around the globe. With the urgent need to get answers faster and accelerate therapeutic development timelines, functional proteomics is one of the most promising fields for the development of life-saving vaccines and therapeutics. The ability to conduct multi-omic analysis is also crucial, as it enables scientists to deepen their understanding of disease mechanisms by studying a disease from several angles, such as the secretome, metabolome, and phosphoproteome. Unfortunately, many scientists believe that functional immune research requires a lengthy workflow with many expensive technologies and specialized personnel to run them, even to look at only one -ome. Researchers might assume that running a multi-omic analysis will takes months or years and put a significant strain on their lab’s budget.

IsoPlexis’ multifaceted functional proteomics platform enables single-cell secreted proteomics, low-volume highly multiplexed proteomics from serum, single-cell phosphoprotein analysis, and single-cell metabolomic analysis all on one integrated, benchtop system, making functional proteomics accessible to virtually every lab worldwide. IsoPlexis’ functional proteomic hubs have walk-away automation and return fully analyzed, publication-ready data with the powerful IsoSpeak data informatics software same-day. With this platform, researchers can conduct a multi-omic workflow in just one week, saving valuable time.


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