Deep Well Plates for High Integrity Biobanking Specimen Storage

A key challenge in biobanking is maintaining sample integrity when biological specimens are kept in long-term sample storage. To overcome this hurdle, Porvair Sciences designed and manufactured 96-well round deep well plates with a two ml liquid capacity/well in an automation-compatible ANSI / SLAS footprint. The 96-well deep plate design incorporates features that prevent “locking” when stacked and enable heat sealing. The company claims the plates are manufactured under class 100,000 conditions from ultra-pure grade polypropylene. For long-term storage at -80⁰C, the deep well plates can be heat sealed with a wide choice of foils and seals, including DMSO-safe seals, using an ultraseal range thermal sealer to provide high integrity biological stored specimens.

Porvair Sciences

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