The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed an urgent need to advance our understanding of viral biology, such as mechanisms of infection, transmission, and interaction with the immune system in order to be more responsive to outbreaks, expediting the development of new, more effective therapies and vaccines.

This collection focuses on efforts to unravel this complexity, featuring groundbreaking studies and analysis platforms that both inform and expedite the therapeutic discovery and vaccine development process. Greater understanding of events such as viral entry, replication, and transmission can provide key information to viral “battle plans” of invasion. Understanding immune responses to infection can provide greater insight as to why some individuals are more vulnerable to infection and complications than others, enabling determination of how immune responses can be modulated, new therapies identified, providing inspiration for new approaches for vaccine development.

Sartorius continues to support these early stage investigation by providing innovative Incucyte® live-cell analysis and iQue® advanced flow cytometry platforms to provide new critical information, with confidence, as quickly as possible.


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