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Toxicity failures caused by off-target or unintended on-target liabilities are a leading cause of attrition in clinical and preclinical programs. Given the effort, cost, and technical limitations of traditional biopharmaceutical de-risking strategies, there is a need for a robust and scalable approach that can be rapidly applied to the discovery phases of therapeutic programs. Join us for this exciting new GEN Webinar, where our panel of experts will discuss new approaches to de-risking lead selection of antibodies and other biotherapeutics.

Duncan Huston-Paterson will discuss how off-target binding of hundreds of antibodies and other biologics has been assessed using Membrane Proteome Array technology, a cell-based array of 5,300 structurally intact membrane proteins. Mary-Ellen Cosenza will draw on her three decades of preclinical toxicology experience to discuss how drug companies should plan for and evaluate target-based liabilities in their biologic products, including how to evaluate the risks associated with different biotherapeutic modalities and targets before selecting a final candidate.

A live Q&A session will follow the presentations, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.

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Mary Ellen Cosenza, PhD
Regulatory Consultant
MEC Regulatory & Toxicology Consulting

Duncan Huston-Paterson, DPhil
Director of Product Management
Integral Molecular