CT Microscopy System


Xradia Context microCTThe Xradia Context microCT is a large field-of-view, nondestructive, 3D, X-ray microcomputed tomography system. It is built on time-tested Xradia technology, reaping crossover benefits of years of platform advancements and providing investment assurance as the system is uniquely capable of field conversion to an Xradia Versa 3D X-ray microscope (XRM). The Xradia Context is a tomographic imaging solution for a variety of 3D characterization and inspection needs, from research applications in materials and life sciences to industrial use in product development or natural resource exploration. Users can easily adjust the system to image large intact samples to reveal interior details in their full 3D context, or small samples to maximize geometric magnification and resolve fine features with high resolution and high contrast. The Xradia Context offers superb image quality, stability, and usability, along with an efficient workflow environment and high-throughput scanning.