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Our understanding of cancer is constantly evolving. Traditional approaches have enabled researchers to make great strides in understanding the complexities of cancer biology, and to translate groundbreaking discoveries into lifesaving cancer treatments and therapies. However, many unanswered questions remain, requiring increased scale and resolution to be addressed. What mechanisms underlie differences in tumor development, progression, and metastasis in different individuals? How can varying responses to therapies be predicted across cancer types and patients?

We invite you to read this eBook to learn more about how single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) and other emerging single cell and spatial analysis technologies are providing the resolution and scale to help answer these questions and more. See how researchers are using scRNA-seq to refine discoveries made with bulk analysis methods, as well as uncover
novel cell types and states associated with cancer initiation, progression, and therapeutic response. Finally, explore how multiomic single cell and spatial technologies from 10x Genomics provide the scale, resolution, and flexibility to enable scientists to ask and answer deeper questions.


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