June 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 11)


The CeletrixTM cell-electroporation system, combining a powerful electroporator, innovative specialized electroporation tubes, and a proprietary electroporation buffer for cell protection, is designed to achieve high-efficiency and low-toxicity electroporation. It can maintain a high level of cell survival, allowing immunotherapy applications such as CAR and TCR T-cell generation and CRISPR knockdown of T-cell genes. The Celetrix can electroporate human PBMCs at an efficiency of 60–90%. For other types of eukaryotic cells, such as human iPSCs, primary neurons, and cell lines, the electroporation efficiency can reach more than 90% with very low cytotoxicity. The Celetrix electroporation technology can also electroporate mRNA or protein (cas9/RNP) at nearly 100% efficiency.

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