October 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 17)

Cayman Chemical

The InCellis cell culture imaging system generates publication-quality images and time-lapse videos of cells on tissue slides or in cell culture. Multichannel fluorescence, phase contrast, and brightfield imaging can be easily performed by all biologists on the bench without the need for long, extensive training. Publishable images are captured in just a few clicks on the user-friendly touch screen and shared via WiFi or network connection directly from the bench. Cell transfection efficiency and cell culture confluency can be determined within 1 minute using the onboard applications. The system combines a sensitive, low light CMOS color sensor, a high-end touch screen with a large field of view and an intuitive interface, and patented illumination technology with a choice of four fluorescent light modules to generate high-resolution images. The system can provide white light monochrome images, colored images, and multichannel fluorescence images that are automatically overlayed in the field of view.

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